Club Cool’s “Beverly” Currently Unavailable

Club Cool’s “Beverly” Currently Unavailable

Fri, 07/26/2019 - 11:49

Everyone’s favourite tipple in Epcot’s Club Cool may have left us for good.

Club Cool Dispenser

As you may or may not be aware, Club Cool, Epcot’s soft drink tasting station in conjunction with Coca-Cola, will be closing it’s doors on 8th September 2019. This is due to the ongoing transformation for Epcot, named Project Gamma.

One thing that seems to be standing out in the run up to the fateful day, is the availability of some of the soft drinks, Melon Frosty for example, which disappeared this month only to reappear at selected stations a few days later.

But it seems that everyone’s favourite Beverly, may have poured its last cup already! Fan Favourite Beverly, entertaining guests with its “unique” flavor for many years, looks to have been removed, weeks before the scheduled closure of Club Cool.

Beverly created a cult following, with the Italian drink surprising un-expecting guests and providing hysterical and often wild results. You can check out our review of all of the drinks, including Beverly, here

We have had word from Epcot that that it hasn’t been available for a while, but it looks like there may now be a full on Beverly shortage!

Cast members aren’t sure if or when Beverly will return to the dispensers as Club Cool was one of the few places you could still try it, given the soft drink was discontinued back in 2009.

If you have a “hankering” for Beverly, then you may need to be quick, as it seems the only place you can now get a mouthful of the bitter drink is the Rooftop Bar at the Coca-Cola store at Disney Springs!

If you are visiting Club Cool, let us know if it’s available to you!

Do you love or hate Beverly, let us know!