Petition Launched To Stop Photographers Being Replaced By Photo Boxes

Petition Launched To Stop Photographers Being Replaced By Photo Boxes

Mon, 09/30/2019 - 20:04

Earlier this year, rumours circulating that Disney were planning to replaced PhotoPass photographers with robotic “Photo Boxes” were confirmed as photo booths started appearing around the park in lieu of people.


These boxes have been popping up and people are not happy, so much so that a petition has been launched on, asking for Disney to keep the Photopass Photographers.

Disney Food Blog has talked about how they have seen automated cameras at Mickey and Minnie’s and Tinker Bell’s meet-and-greets in Magic Kingdom and at Chewbacca’s meet-and-greet in Hollywood Studios. They have also seen one at Anna and Elsa’s Royal Sommerhaus in Epcot, but it was not in use at the time.

The cameras, which are housed inside themed boxes take a few timed photos. However, park goers are upset because the moments these boxes capture do not compare to what a human photographer is able to do. Candid shots are surely all but lost with this new tech.

Disney fan and artist @Martsartuk started the petition to keep the Disney PhotoPass Photographers.

“A Disney Photographer can capture more than just a picture. They are there to give you the best experience possible. They bring out the best of you in each and every snap of the lens. It’s an added magical touch that can’t be replaced,” reads the petition. “Technology can work in some areas, but it can’t replicate every field. Please help overturn this decision and keep our wonderful Disney Photographers. It’s so important we do not let the magic slide. Keep the magic alive Disney.”

The petition has already received over 90,000 signatures as of this writing, with a goal of hitting 150,000 and, with any luck, convincing The Walt Disney Company that this is worth their time and attention.

An update posted to claims that “A source from an Instagram post has claimed that Photoboxes at Mickey’s Town Square in Magic Kingdom have been removed,” possibly in response to the petition, videos, and blogs who are pointing out that no photo box can replicate the timing and instinct of a human photographer.

To add your voice to the outcry or find out more about this issue at Disney, head over to and sign up here.