Disney to launch a matching dog and owner collection

Disney to launch a matching dog and owner collection

Thu, 07/25/2019 - 11:26

If your furry best friend is in need of a wardrobe update, then Disney have exactly what you are looking for!

Disney Dog Collection

Disney has just revealed a new dog and owner wardrobe collection aptly called 'Oh My Disney Dog'. The collection features Disney's favourite dogs such as the cocker spaniel Lady from Lady and the Tramp, Charles Muntz golden retriever Dug from Up, and Prince Eric's English sheepdog Max from The Little Mermaid. 

There is also an Oh My Disney denim jacket, £50, which is covered in 101 Dalmatians from the much-loved cartoon, and the Max T-shirt, £25!

Also included in the collection are dog bowls and mugs and other accessories including a Max cushion for your home!

Disney revealed the all new collection on Instagram, writing: "Put your paws together for the Oh My Disney Disney Dogs Collection, designed to celebrate the @disneypets that are too good and pure for this world."

Prices will range from £8 - £50 and will launch in Disney stores and online at shopdisney.co.uk from 29 July!

This could get expensive!!