Next Holiday Vacation - Orlando

Next Holiday Vacation - Orlando

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 22:50

One of the popular areas to visit in the United States is Florida. There are many place of visit that are extremely popular which include Key West, Miami, and Orlando. Orlando, Florida is a great place for vacation whether it is a short get away or a long vacation.

Universal Studios

There is so much to do in Orlando, it is a great vacation spot for those of all ages from children that are of walking age to the elders. Orlando is an area that consists of group fun, family get togethers, and great educational purposes.

The main attraction of the Orlando area, of course is Disney. The magical Walt Disney World is the center of attraction for Orlando. It is the must visit location for all families, especially for parents with young children. Disney helps to bring life to the popular Disney characters that children love. It is the magical feeling of bringing a character to life and being able to share the same feeling that parents experienced as a kid with their children. The magic of Walt Disney World is unexplainable, but it is a must visit for all families.

Within the Walt Disney World Resort, there are many attractions to visit which include Disney's Animal Kingdom them park, Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park, Epcot theme park, Magic Kingdom theme park, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney's Boardwalk area, Downtown Disney area, and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. With so much to do, there just seems to not be enough time in a vacation to explore all of Disney. Walt Disney World consists of attractions, shows, and many more from morning to night. There is always something to do, something to see within this complex which may take more than a day to explore and take on the full Walt Disney.

In addition to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort is a hot spot for those who travel in groups and big kids with more entertainment that involves 3D shows, rides, and fun that involves creativity. Universal Orlando brings the life to cartoon and popular characters that are linked to the current generation. This is extremely popular in children that are currently attending school to young adults. It is a park of fun and entertainment, less walking and site-seeing which is ultimately what children strive for at a certain age.

With the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando has become a popular attraction for many young adults. By bringing to life the popular Harry Potter and allowing for visitors to "live" in the World of Harry Potter, it incorporates real life experiences with the life that many dream to be a part of. The World of Harry Potter is a replica of that in the movie which allows for individuals to bring their imagination to life. Visitors are amazed by the magic of the World of Harry Potter, excited to share this experience with others.

Another popular tourist spot is SeaWorld, a park based around animals, mainly those popular critters of the sea. SeaWorld, is known for the whale of history-Shamu and consists of the popular Shamu show and many other sea animal shows that explores the skill of animals. SeaWorld is a zoo of the sea with a few land critters as well with a bunch of amazing animal shows. It is a great attraction for those who are animal lovers and find enjoyment in better understanding and learning what animals are capable of.

Within SeaWorld, the Discovery Cove is a resort that has many different attractions. Discovery Cove allows for visitors to physically interact with animals which include birds, tropical fishes, sting rays, and dolphins. It is a great way to incorporate in your vacation unforgettable experiences with animals through snorkeling, swimming, and hand feeding.

In correlation to animals, the alligator capital of the world is located in Orlando. Gatorland is a popular attraction for those who are adventurous and want to experience the danger with shows, attractions, a splash park, and other outdoor activities. Gatorland offers educational information for children which is a great to promote young learning while on vacation. It is great to share these memorable experiences with family of all ages.

For those looking for a day of fun, Wet 'N Wild is a water park that is open all year around, is a great place to go during the holidays to enjoy a day of water fun. With heated pools during the cooler days, Wet 'N Wild is a great stop for those traveling in groups. With the most multi-person rides than any other water park, it promotes group activities and bonding. There is also the option of Volleyball and a tiki lounge for those who are looking to stay dry. Another great aspect of Wet 'N Wild is the support of students by offering students half price admission for college faculty, staff, students and the family and friends that attend with.

In addition to the theme parks and tourist locations, there are many other activities in Orlando as well. Orlando is full of fun for all ages with neighboring cities that are just a 15 minute drive away. With the Central Florida Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Holy Land Experience Museum, Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, and other shows in neighboring cities, there is always something to do at all hours of the day.

Be sure to plan your trip to Orlando Florida with family and friends for a great and unforgettable getaway. Research student discounts and package deals when visiting a number of parks throughout your trip. There are also local vendors that sell discounted tickets and allows for resell of your tickets if you are not visiting the park for a second time. Although it seems a bit sketchy, discounted tickets work 90% of the time with the exception of a few experiences. It is also a good idea to travel with a tour guide who will help you maximize your time in Orlando and visit all the must visits location. Good luck and enjoy!