Disney State "No truth at all" in Orlando based Airline Rumours

Disney State "No truth at all" in Orlando based Airline Rumours

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 11:30

A Disney representative has attempted to silence the rumour that the company will be creating it’s own airline, flying guests directly into Orlando.

Disney airline

The gossip surfaced quite a while ago, with a well know online Disney site got the rumour mill turning with a claim that the Walt Disney Company will be launching its own airline in 2021.

“We have ‘ears’ inside on this development and have been given information that the entertainment offerings will include inflight Disney + access to each seat, Disney’s new streaming service. Disney songs will be being played over the airplane’s speakers as you board.”

They also alluded to that the plane would be covered in iconic Disney characters, much like the new Skyliner, coming later this year.

Other “too good to be true” details were that Buzz Lightyear’s voice would make the “This is your Captain Speaking” announcements and there would be character appearances on board.

It was also claimed that baggage fees would be waived for guests staying “on property” and that the in-flight snacks would be Mickey bars and churros.

"I can confirm that there is no truth at all to these rumors," Stephanie Christine Corzett, director of external communications and media relations for Disney, told the Orlando Weekly on Tuesday.

We have to say though, we are a little disappointed