I-Drive Cinemark gets fancy seats

I-Drive Cinemark gets fancy seats

The Cinemark theatre at Artegon Marketplace, which opened in 2002, is getting $3 million renovation to bring it's seating up to the standards set by Disney's AMC 24 at Downtown Disney and the Cobb Plaza Cinema in downtown Orlando.

All but 4 of the theatres 24 screens is getting an upgrade, which includes recliners and leg rests, according to permits filed with the city of Orlando.

The wider seats mean fewer patrons per screen, so Cinemark tickets for the luxury-seating is expected to cost $1 extra, inline with the 4 existing luxury screens which are not being upgraded.

In addition to the luxury seating, a second concession area is being added plus the one of the entrances is being moved to accommodate more lobby seating.

Construction has already started, but the theater hasn't announced a completion date, said Artegon general manager Thearon Scurlock.